When good clowns go bad.

I started my journey with the Cirque du Soleil in 2000, working on the creation of LA NOUBA in Orlando.  I did the make-up every day for the famed Les Cons (the stupids).  From approximately 4:40pm to 5:30pm, 5 days a week, for 4 years, I painted the heads of David Lebel, Witek Biegaj, Pavel Biegaj, and Justin Osbourne before the first show.  We were like family.  Their request to me on my last day of work was for me to do their make-up in a bikini and then give them a chance to do my makeup.  I, in turn, asked them all to be in their undies while I painted their heads for the last time.

My departure from Cirque didn't last long as I shacked up with the North American tour of ALEGRIA and shipped off to Toronto, Philadelphia and NYC.

It was on this tour that I met Jeff Churchill.  Even with all his duties as Wardrobe Master, his focus was on shoes.  So much so, that he left Cirque to become head shoemaker on the Dragone underwater production LE REVE and brought me to Las Vegas to be his assistant.  We went through hundreds of prototypes of shoes and discarded almost as many as we kept. But, I knew this path was not for me. I burnt, cut, sliced, sanded, and hammerd my fingers to within an inch of their lives.

Most recently, the opportunites have arisen in New Orleans to work with the acro troupes at Crescent City Gymnastics.  I'm really looking forward to continue to work with them.  I love to explore the imagination and create a costume using an acrobat's body language.

CCG photo by D. Floyd