The first film that ever opened my heart and made me cry was BORN FREE in, like 1970-something.  The first movie that opened my eyes to foreign films was EUROPA EUROPA in like, 1980-something.  I had no idea that would be where my future laid.  I just knew they had an extraordinary impact on me.

The first movie set I found myself on was in 1999. It was called COASTLINES by Victor Nunez (ULEE's GOLD).  It starred Josh Brolin, Timothy Olyphant and Josh Lucas.  It was a non union film and I had no idea how different that would be once I joined the union.  Not only did I do their make-up, but style their hair and shop for their wardrobe....and I was the costume intern!!

My love for film, like my love for Cirque, is knowing that I'm working on a project that is affecting someone watching it.  It might make them laugh, or cry, or teach them something.  It might be their BORN FREE or EUROPA EUROPA.

I also endulge myself in the unusual and surreal moments it provides me.  For example, working on the set of BIG FISH, surrounded by such legendary talent, and,  at the same time there's a pig in a tutu running through my legs, everyone is in 1970's sparkly circus costumes and there's lightning crashing all around us.  I had to close my eyes for a moment to take it all in.

When I was working on I AM LEGEND, we got a tour inside the columms of Washington Square Arch and then stood on the very top to see all the lights of New York City.                                            

I've had the joy and wonder of working as Gerard Butler's costumer twice.  My favorite being the role of Sam Childers in MACHINE GUN PREACHER.  All his "vanities" came from different towns, never met before, but had the same last name, Parker.  His make-up artist was Daniel Parker from London. His hair stylist was Charlotte Parker from Los Angeles, and then there was me, Big Al Parker, from New Orleans.  I had these shirts made for our wrap gifts.

When I designed the pilot for TIL DEATH DO US PART, a show about spousal murders, I traveled to John Water's Baltimore home for his fittings.  It was surreal and phenomenal.