My life in costume design started with a BFA in Costume Design from the University of Florida.  Some of my costume design credits, not in any particular order, are WHAT THE BUTLER SAW, LAST THREADS (London and Glasgow), INTO THE WOODS, TARTUFFE,  CHERRY ORCHARD, and LOVELACE, THE MUSICAL (now being made into a motion picture).                                   However, my favorite experience had to be designing DEATH OF A SALESMAN at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. It was a summer design internsive led by Ming Cho Lee and Constance Hoffman, legends in the field of design in theatre.  The costume sketches weren't realized into actual costumes, but it was a chance to be critiqued by true masters and peers. 

I've worked in so many different sizes and shapes of theatre, from a cast of 30 to 3, and from the Salvador Dali museum to the World War II museum.      

I was a partner in the company Creative Masterminds, that focused on creating performance art inspired by Salvador Dali, specifically to celebrate his 100th birthday in 2002.  I traveled to Port Llagat, Spain, Dali's birthplace, and his hometown to get more inside his head and see his life up close.  My partner, Elena Day, focused on the physical direction, while I interpreted his art into costumes.  Our company was then hired to perform at the St. Petersburg Salvador Dali Museum and also at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

It made for an easy segueway into American Stage's Dali themed Shakespeare in the Park production of AS YOU LIKE IT, which I designed the costumes for.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of theatre in the Big Easy for me to dive into.  But, I have had the pleasure of continuing my relationship with Victoria Reed, once the entertainment director for the USO, and now, with the World War II Museum in New Orleans.  My first commission from Vcitoria was to design costumes for a touring troupe performing a tribute to the 80's group The Pointer Sisters.  From there, we've done a shimmy costume a la Betty Grable, a Carmen Miranda, and a pair of tap dancing glam toy soldiers.  We've got some exciting pieces brewing for this year's Christmas Show!